Weather in Rome

Rome is known for having comfortable weather throughout the year. Generally, the best months for traveling in Italy are April through October although July and August can be very hot. During the Spring months the weather is generally mild with average minimum temperatures between 47 & 56 F. (8 to 13 C.) and average maximum temperatures between 63 & 71 F. (17 to 21 C). There is some rain usually in the form of short showers. The weather in July and August can be very hot (between 83 and 99 F. (28 to 37 C). A mild wind blowing down from the hills, the Ponentino, helps refresh the summer evenings.

In August, especially during the last 2 weeks (known as Ferragosto), a high percentage of Romans (and all Italians) take their vacation closing many shops and restaurants. During August, Rome is a city full of tourists but with a limited number of establishments open.

From November to February the weather can get cold but it is very unusual for it to go below freezing. It very rarely snows in Rome and cloudy and rainy days never last more than 1-2 days.